Info for TY Students

Over 11,000 students have been through our doors since November 2007. We look forward to you coming too.

What can you expect on the Bridge21 TY Programme?
A fun, challenging week where you will get the chance to improve your technical and teamwork skills and make some new friends. You’ll get to spend four days in Trinity College working on different projects each day and you’ll also get to hang out with some current college students and graduates. It is a chance to get an idea of what college life is like.

Will there be students from other schools?
Yes. There will be 25 students each week from a mix of schools. On the first day you will be allocated to a team with 4 others from all the schools involved – this will become your team for the full week.

What will you be doing?
There will be one main project each day. It can vary from week to week but you can expect things like movie making, sound recording, animation, web design and creating a media campaign. Each team will have a deadline and will have a chance to stand up and present their work at the end of each day. (sometimes nerve-wracking, but always fun).

How long is it on for?
It’s a four day programme and runs Tuesday to Friday. We start working at 9.30 each morning and finish up around 3 in the afternoon. We usually finish up a bit early on Fridays, but that all depends on the projects being completed!

What do you need to bring?
You’ll need to bring lunch or a few Euro to buy your lunch (there are lots of places locally you can grab a sandwich). We provide some fruit. On Friday we will dine in Trinity College for lunch.

Anything else you need- well it always helps to bring along a positive attitude.

Where do you go?
The programme is based in Oriel House, which is just off the Trinity College campus. You can find us on our Google Map.

On the first morning, we will meet you at the front arch of the college, on College Green, and we’ll walk, through Trinity, to Bridge21 together.

What should you wear?
Do not wear your uniform. You don’t need to dress up for the occasion. Your normal clothes will be just lovely. We do go outside from time to time so bring a decent coat- it can get chilly out there…

Some of the technology you might be using…

  • Windows Movie Maker: Create and edit movies using pictures and video with sound, captions, credits and special effects.
  • Audacity: Record and edit sound files.
  • Google Drive: Create, share and update documents with your team.
  • Scratch: Write your own computer programmes to create animations and games.